Turkish 4 Foreigners | TURKISH 4 FOREIGNERS
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Boutique Training & Custom Programs

For over ten years, we have been teaching Turkish to foreigners who lives in Istanbul. With this experience and a right analysis of your needs, learning Turkish is not as difficult as you think!


We are aware of the fact that not everybody’s learning methods and needs are the same. In education, success is obtained through boutique education and private lessons. In our “one to one” private lessons, personal schedules are created according to students’ needs and the schedules are applied by using various teaching methods, considering differences in students’ cognitive skills.


Our schedules are constructed with the experience of  an education period of more than ten years we spent with senior administration staff  of big companies, their families and students aiming to study in Turkish.


Our main goal is -from the beginner’s level- no matter at which level you are, to enable you to use what you have learned in your everyday life and, in class, to provide you with speaking-oriented programs with words and sentence structures at your level during the education period.


What is essential to us is that students speak in class ‘cos people remember 20% of what they have heard and 70% of what they have said.


Experience equals time!
We know the time is important in your busy schedule. Achieving your goal with an experienced guide saves time.


Learning various cultures of a foreign country starts with speaking the language of the country…