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Ms Ozlem is an excellent Turkish language teacher. She’s professional, prompt, friendly, flexible and knows how to handle foreigners. She’s highly experienced and I would highly recommend her whether for personal or business language lessons. Her teaching methodology is adapted to the need. For example, she taught me the language that’s useful for business use. She taught my life for everyday use. She was successful in both.

Hisham Ezz El-Arab
General Manager 
Danone Universal Robina Beverages Philippines

Özlem has taught Turkish for the last 4 years. Of course we have observed progress in my skills during this period. However as a student, the most important part is about how we got there. She has been always adaptive to my availability and to my language needs. This is why it has been not only useful but also enjoyable journey. My wife also was her student and Özlem’s practical and adaptable method and relaxed teaching style help her enormously.

Enrique Jimenez
General Manager
Philip Morris

Ozlem has prudent potential to make someone learn a foreign language with such an ease and tactical way, that one forgets his own language. And beings to learn the language what she teaches. I had privilege of learning on short notice Great Turkish language from Ozlem which I will never forget as she taught me in such a kind way that I will never forget. I wish her all the best in her all leading endeavors.

General Manager Oman
Schindler Elevator & Escalator Division Oman Chartered Institute of Marketing

I can highly recommend Özlem as a private teacher for Turkish lessons. She is skilled and brings the necessary patience to guide students that are beyond their teens, with the challenge of mastering the Turkish language.

Dr. Eric Hoffmann
COO, Senior Project Manager, Strategy Consultant, DACH Head of Sales | outsourcing, digitalisation
Daniel Gresch & Partner AG

COO & Board Member
UBS Turkey (2010)

I well remember our Turkish lessons. I was very impressed by her methodology and her passion to transmit not only the basics but also the “musicality” of Turkish language.

Gaetano Conca
Area Manager North Africa & Middle East,
CEO Turkey
Schindler Group

I am American and lived in Istanbul for one year on business. My goal was to speak some Turkish to carry on a simple conversation. My experience with Ozlem was both challenging and enjoyable. Ozlem is a caring, patient and friendly teacher, who tailored our sessions to what I wanted to learn. Turkish is a tough language to learn, but I left with a good understanding of grammar fundamentals and basic vocabulary. I highly recommend.

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, Istanbul, Turkey (2015 – 2016) Astrazeneca

Özlem Aykın was our teacher over a period of 2.5 years. She succeeded in making us fall in love with Turkish language, the country’s unique culture, literature and amazing heritage. She became a true friend and thus achieved her goal. We were able to speak a very good Turkish in less than 3 years. We definitely recommend her as a language teacher for being an outstanding tutor and a true and valued friend.

Rozi Minovski & Danail Minovski
Sr. Director Services Region East Europe

I had Ozlem as Turkish language teacher and I have deeply appreciated her qualities, which make Ozlem an outstanding teacher:

Master of Turkish
Besides being Turkish her mother language, she has in-depth knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, writing, literary elements, etc.

Instructional Techniques
In addition to being a master of content, she has a large repertoire of teaching strategies. Direct instruction, collaborative learning, etc. She is flexible and willing to try a variety of strategies to see what works best with his or her student

She used to bring always new approaches and fresh ideas

She fostered interaction by empowering and supporting me to develop my communication skills. She motivated me through activities such as roleplays, mock interviews, etc.

Personal Traits
She has a caring attitude toward the student and a sense of humour. The students need a happy teacher, not an angry one

This summarizes what I believe is a fair description of Ozlem as a teacher of Turkish. I am sure you will agree and share my enthusiastic view.

Massimiliano Belviso
Managing Partner at MDA Danışmanlık Ltd
MDA Danismanlik Ltd

Group Credit & Integrated Risks
UniCredit S.p.A. (2014 – 2016 / Istanbul)

Ozlem has been my Turkish teacher when i was in Istanbul working for L’Oreal,she has been very helpfull to help me as a beginner in Turkish. She is very patient and uses methods which are adapted to your environment. I would recommend her with no hesitation.

Arthur de Padirac

It‘s a pleasure studying Turkish with Özlem. The Turkish language is beautiful, but quite challenging for foreigners. I can compare this because before coming to Turkey I have studied for 5 years Polish in Warsaw ending up with C1 level. Özlem’s lessons are very well structured giving the beginners the right guidance for a first success in a friendly atmosphere. For more advanced students she is very flexible and supportive and takes also special literature wishes into account.

Senior Vice President Marketing
Turkey – Middle East – Africa – CIS

I highly recommend Özlem Aykın as a Turkish language teacher. I have had the pleasure of being her student for the past two years.

Özlem has great energy and enthusiasm to teach. Her lessons are well-prepared and well-organized. Vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar exercises are done in the classroom, but she also encourages students to do some home work which ultimately leads to better results. She motivates her students to participate in discussions and to keep a diary without obligation. Özlem is a good listener and she impressed me with her endless amount of patience. She is a gentle, kind person and has a good sense of humor. I recommend her without reservation.

Veerle Roseeuw
Philip Morris Employee’s Wife

I have been learning Turkish with Ozlem for just over a month and I am very happy with the progress I am making. The format of the lessons suits me well, with a mixture of the structured course and conversation in each session. I recommend the courses with Ozlem to others who are beginning to learn Turkish.

Director Information Services, Turkey and Israel

I hereby testify that I had 120 hours of Turkish lessons with Mrs. Özlem Aykin from September 2008 to june 2010. These lessons were ordered by the company Sanofi Pasteur established in Levent, İstanbul.
Thanks to Mrs. Aykin’s lessons I managed to reach very soon a satisfying level of Turkish enabling me to deal with all current situations in everday life. She then managed to make the learning of a new and difficult language so entertaining that after having dealt with all the basics, I willed to go further in developing a more precise way of expressing myself.
Mrs. Aykin always came to the lessons with good prepared and carefully chosen materials corresponding to my needs and I especially appreciated that after a few lessons she managed to adapt her teaching methods to my way of learning which might not be the most usual and widespread one.
I recommend everyone willing to learn Turkish to attend her classes.

Agnés Sagot
Sanofi Pasteur General Manager’s wife

My classes with “Professor Özlem” were one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I wanted to enter University in Turkey and therefore I had to prepare for the YÖS Entrance Exam and for the Turkish Test. I had no previous knowledge of the Turkish language. Özlem helped me to achieve my goals with her competent, attentive and understanding approach.

In fact, at the end of our 6 months lessons, I have reached the C1 level in Turkish, spoke fluently and passed my Turkish exam. I am now studying in my dream University in İstanbul. I cannot thank enough Özlem for all the things she has taught me, but most importantly that perseverance and adequate guidance can make you achieve any goal.

Constance Döring
İstanbul Şehir University
Political Science and International Relations Graduated
Business MBA